Keeping the loving memories of your pet.

When that hard decision comes, and it's time to let your pets go, we're here to help you honor them in the most memorable way. With that in mind, we're passionate about helping you find the most comfortable way of keeping your pet's memory and love forever. We focus on being your companion going through the grieving process of losing your loyal best friend.

It all comes down to love.

Mittens & Max came from the love we have for our pets. They are extremely important parts of our family and our lives, and we want all the best for them in life and also in death.

Dealing with death all the time in our almost century-old family business, we saw a different kind of grief with pet loss. We saw the need for more memorial services and keepsakes for pet owners coping with losing their beloved pets.

That's when we realized that pet loss services are underserved.

That idea brought us to you! Giving pet owners all the choices they need for a pet memorial and pet keepsakes. To make grieving a little bit bearable and more comfortable to go through.

Why We Care

Our ultimate goal at Mittens & Max is to help you and other pet owners to express love for your pets and memorialize your departed pets. Furthermore, we want to be able to help you with resources for grief, pet loss, and pet memorial.

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